Give Back 40

Our corporate volunteer program Give Back 40 has taken off with staff fully engaging with the concept and embracing the principles behind our corporate social responsibility agenda.


Shell Leeder    , our WA Sales Representative went to Eco Beach (north of Broome) and worked with Conservation Volunteers Australia and researchers locating and recording data on the nesting flatback turtles. This was to determine the number of nesting turtles and how far dispersed this genetic population is.

Shell patrolled for four hours every evening at high tide, either at a beach walking distance from the camp or 12km aways in an even more remote area. Each nightly patrol walks beach sectors looking for nesting turtles. Data regarding the turtle and nesting process is recorded, flipper tags inserted and a DNA sample taken.

Emily Jones, Director of Sales & CSR went to Siem Reap to work in the Globalteer ‘Cambodia Kids’ Program. In Cambodia, 1 in 7 children die before the age of five from preventable diseases such as typhoid, malnutrition, malaria, dengue. The common denominator in many of these is waterborne illness. Emily helped minimise this problem by assisting in the construction and provision of bio-sand water filters. They are a low cost way to provide potable water to impoverished areas from any water source.
The Cambodia Kids Program provides local children that are unable to afford the government school fees with the opportunity of a free education. Classes in Khumer and English are taught to over 650 children and Emily assisted in the free education program. One of the schools is run by a former Buddhist Monk who after 11 years of dedication to his religion decided to commit full time to the school.


Robert Ginns    , QLD State Manager helped to establish new growth in the Bulimba Creek Catchment to promote healthy waterways in Brisbane. The Bulimba Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee Inc has been operating in Brisbane since 1997. The mission is to care for our environment and community by educating and actively involving all catchment sectors. It is a not for profit organisation, concerned with managing, protecting and enhancing the natural environment.
The Bulimba Creek catchment comprises a complex network of creeks and major tributaries, some of which are unnamed, occupying 122 square kilometres, or about 10 per cent of Brisbane’s area which makes it one of the largest creek catchments in the City.
Robert participated in a workshop for primary students to introduce them to catchment management, biodiversity and indigenous culture


Michelle Britten, NSW Sales Representative assisted Habitat for Humanity build new homes to low income families in Western Sydney.

Habitat for Humanity relies on volunteers and community partners in building affordable housing and promoting home ownership as a means to breaking the cycle of poverty. In the past 30 years more than 285,000 simple decent homes have been built throughout the world with a no profit loan, 500 hours family labour, 'sweat equity' and volunteer support.


John Davie, State Manager Vic/Tas, is working with the Cabrini Lighthouse Community Committee to help the Lighthouse Richmond House remain financially self sufficient and provide moral support to the young people in the house. The Lighthouse Foundation is an Australian, non-denominational, not-for-profit organisation, dedicated to empowering young people to take responsibility for their own lives. Lighthouse provides long-term care and support within a family/community environment, to young people aged 15 - 22, who may otherwise be homeless.


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