Sustainable Living Fabrics prides itself on its Corporate Social Responsibility Program. Its environmental and corporate governance programs set industry benchmarks. The KISS Program aims to extend CSR principles beyond the company.
KISS Water Saving
The first KISS Initiative the Water Saving Competition took our water sustainability into employees’ homes and resulted in average water savings across employee households of 28%. This is more than double the 13% savings Sydney Water customers have made since mandatory water restrictions were introduced in 2003. KISS was then extended to social responsibility through the Give Back 40 program and to energy through the Turn it OFF Now competition.
KISS Turn It OFF Now
Inspired by Earth Hourin which the company and employees have chosen to participate each year, encourage employees to save energy in the home by turning off lights and appliances when not in use. Acknowledging that electricity from coal fired power stations adversely impacts on greenhouse gas emissions, the competition is restricted to electricity use.
KISS Give Back 40
Give Back 40 offers employees the opportunity to give back 40 hours to the community each year on full pay during office hours. Every one of us has skills and talent that can extend outside work and home to make the world a better place by volunteering with an appropriate not for profit or charitable organisation. Not every one of us has the time to do this outside working hours. Give Back 40 changes this.
Give Back 40 is not a cheque book philanthropic program, but one that facilitates opportunities for employees to contribute their time and skills, in a tangible way, to improve the lives of the disadvantaged. Acknowledging that world poverty is linked to climate change, through Give Back 40 employees also can volunteer with not for profit organisations working for the environment.
For more information on these programs please see our KISS Brochure.

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