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Sustainable Galaxy

Sustainable Galaxy in an exciting new palette of 15 colours ex stock carries the GECA Ecolabel for Textiles and is certified 100% carbon neutral under the Australian Carbon Trust's NCOS Carbon Neutral Program. Made in Australia from 92% certified ecowool® yarn from Australian  leanwool®  with the dots in low antimony, low voc ecopolyester™.   Sustainable Galaxy is rated heavy duty commercial with an abrasion rating well over 40,000 Martindale rubs. Recyclable and warranted for up to 12 years.  Designed to be used on furniture or panels without backing or use of adhesives, facilitating disassembly for replacement, updating or recycling.  Can be used in a Green Star submission for Innovation.

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Pegasus SPL41
Europa SPL45
Sirius SPL48
Stellar SPL42
Voyager SPL213
Neptune SPL 249
Pandora SPL215
Virgo SPL46
Polar SPL212
Serpens SPL43
Phoenix SPL47
Scorpio SPL50
Triton SPL44
Helium SPL240
Mercury SPL51

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