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Sustainable Chelsea Q

Sustainable Chelsea Q is part of our QS range. A selection of quick ship colours from the Sustainable Chelsea range (our most popular 18 colours).  Sustainable Chelsea Q carries the GECA Ecolabel for Textiles and is certified 100% carbon neutral under the Australian Carbon Trust's NCOS Carbon Neutral Program. Made in Australia from 100% certified ecowool® yarn from Australian leanwool® and rated heavy duty with over 40,000 double rubs. Recyclable and warranted for up to 12 years.  Designed to be used on furniture or panels without backing or use of adhesives, facilitating disassembly for replacement, updating or recycling.  Can be used in a Green Star submission for Innovation.

Sustainable Chelsea Q is now part of the QS (Quickship Range)

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Daffodil CHQ012
Gloriosa CHQ059
Fuchsia CHQ018
Poppy CHQ019
Azalea CHQ032
Boronia CHQ033
Crocus CHQ032
Verbena CHQ027
Aubergine CHQ047
Veronica CHQ028
Hydrangea CHQ026
Viola CHQ029
Olive CHQ087
Pine CHQ022
Ajuga CHQ024
Greygum CHQ037
Oniscus CHQ038
Blackbutt CHQ039

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