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SLF’s mission
Sustainable Living Fabrics aims to minimise its environmental footprint from the farm to the furniture for every fabric range.
Sustainable Living Fabrics is an environmental leader setting itself apart by having every fabric range in it's Green Living Collection independently accredited as environmentally preferable. It actively educates the market on the need to wipe out greenwashing if real environmental progress is to be made and advocates the advantages of independent assessment and accreditation of environmental claims.

Sustainable Living Fabrics seized the opportunity to make a difference and by specifying its eco fabrics not only can you too make a difference but you can be assured you are in good company!

With our long history of success, it is little wonder that Australians everywhere are sitting on or surrounded by our eco fabric in national, state and local government; large and small companies, banks and call centres, hospitals and medical centres; universities and schools; hotels and motels; theatres and convention centres and public transport.

Sustainable Living Fabrics trusts you will find this website a useful tool in your eco fabrics selection and on the relevance of environmental accreditation as a weapon against greenwashing.
Award winning Sustainable Living Fabrics
has been supplying the commercial interiors market with superior quality furnishing fabrics supported by excellent service for forty years.  

Since 2005
, by reviewing its supply chain, working with suppliers and actively implementing environmental strategies to minimise its environmental footprint, Sustainable Living Fabrics has significantly reduced the carbon emissions, water usage, use of toxic chemicals and toxic emissions attributed to production of its eco fabrics and its management and distribution activities.
In September 2010 the Australian Carbon Trust certified Sustainable Living Fabrics and all products sold as carbon neutral under the Carbon Neutral Program which is underpinned by the Australian Government National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS). Sustainable Living Fabrics is the first company to achieve this certification and it is assurance that all the fabrics Sustainable Living Fabrics sells are genuinely carbon neutral. Details of the program can be found here.
Finalist FMA Product Excellence Award
On 25 November 2010 Sustainable Living Fabrics were delighted to be announced as a finalist in the FMA Product Excellence Awards.
Sustainable Living Fabrics works for the environment both on the Australian and international stage and works with others to achieve environmental change. For over five years we have set unsurpassed industry benchmarks for textiles which, in conjunction with our comprehensive CSR agenda, was recognised by the FMA in awarding us finalist.
Winner Premier's Design Mark
In July 2008 Sustainable Living Fabrics  won a prestigious Victorian Premier's Design Mark for  its new eco fabric range ‘Ecostyle’.  This award recognises outstanding contribution to design and the most ‘technically and professionally evolved projects’. The judges commented that ‘Ecostyle offers a major contribution to sustainable practice in the textile design field.’ To view this award click here.
Winner United Nations Lincolne Scott Triple Bottom Line Award
In June 2008, for the second consecutive year, Sustainable Living Fabrics won the UNAA World Environment Day Lincolne Scott Triple Bottom Award for 'their continued outstanding performance in this category.' The award recognises excellence in commitment to environmental, social and economic considerations. To view details click here.
The company was a finalist in the UNAA Business Enterprise Award for its KISS and LEAP Programs.
Winner Monash World Environment Day Business Sustainability Award
In June 2008 Sustainable Living Fabrics also won the Monash World Environment Day Business Sustainability Award which was sponsored by CETEC. (To view details click here )
In April 2008, Sustainable Living Fabrics signed and endorsed the United Nations Caring for Climate Statement through the Caring for Climate: The Business Leadership Platform and has committed to reducing its carbon footprint and to developing innovative solutions.  Since 2005, the company has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 43%.
In October 2008 it participated in the inaugural  meeting of Caring for Climate Signatories in Geneva, Switzerland.
CEO Water Mandate
In April 2008 Sustainable Living Fabrics endorsed the principles and guidelines of the United Nations CEO Water Mandate for water management and committed to work towards helping the global water crisis by reducing and developing solutions to better water management within its company and its product supply chain.
The UN Global Compact
In March 2008, Sustainable Living Fabrics became just the 24th Australian company to commit to the United Nations Global Compact by formally committing to align its operations and strategies with ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.
Launch of Sustainability Report

In March 2008, the company released its Sustainability Report to GRI G3 guidelines. The report can be found
here. For further information or to comment, click here.

Extension of Incentive Programs
In March 2008 Sustainable Living Fabrics extended the KISS Water Saving competition to include Turn it Off Now and extended both competitions beyond employees to their nominated family, friends and customers and introduced its Give Back 40 Volunteer Program. Details can be found 

United Nations Triple Bottom Line Award
In June 2007, Sustainable Living Fabrics won the prestigious United Nations Association of Australia  World Environment Day 2007 Lincolne Scott Triple Bottom Line Award recognising the “synergy of sustainability across the entire supply chain and the work it has done with Australian farms.
View award here. 
In May 2007, Sustainable Living Fabrics became the first manufacturer and wholesaler to have every one of its eco fabrics certified carbon neutral under the Australian Government’s Greenhouse Friendly Initiative and just the tenth company to have product accredited. Details of the AGO Greenhouse Friendly Initiative can be found here.
Premier's Sustainability Award
In April 2007 Sustainable Living Fabrics won the Victorian Premier’s 2007 Environmental Award for Small Business Excellence recognising its environmental leadership.
View award here.
Certified Carbon Neutral and Greenhouse Challenge Members
Sustainable Living Fabrics was a member of the Greenhouse Challenge committed to monitoring, reporting and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
Incentive Programs
In February 2007, Sustainable Living Fabrics launched the KISS (Keep it Simple Sustainably) program. Details can be found
In January 2007, the company introduced a Public Transport Incentive Program, reimbursing fares of staff who use public transport to travel to work and offered an additional car allowance to employees who changed to a hybrid car when buying a new car for company business.

In 2006, Sustainable Living Fabrics introduced the first ethical and environmental LEAP wool buying scheme which has driven environmental change at the farm level. Strict chain of custody from the farm to fabric  ensures an ongoing supply of environmentally preferable low pesticide Leanwool® to the company’s tight environmental specification. Details can be found
Banksia Awards
In July 2006, Sustainable Living Fabrics was awarded Finalist in Banksia Awards 2006 Eco Innovation Category for its Green Living Collection and “world leadership in environmental textiles."
View award here.

Carbon Neutral
In June 2006, Sustainable Living Fabrics became the first carbon neutral textile company offsetting 25% more CO2 equivalent emissions than attributed to the production of every product and every support activity. It planted 30,000 trees through Greenfleet as carbon offset and to support the Murray Darling Rescue Halt the Salt Program. This offset was commercially acceptable but self assessed so the company moved to achieve Greenhouse Friendly accreditation. Details of the Greenhouse Friendly Initiative can be found here. In September 2010, Sustainable Living Fabrics became the first company to have all its product certified under the Australian National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS).


Environmental Certification
Since 2005, Sustainable Living Fabrics has become a world leader in environmentally certified eco fabrics. With a corporate strategy based on a morally correct sustainability agenda and with a strict farm to fabric chain of custody that requires environmental credentials to be independently assessed and certified on an ongoing basis,  the company has driven market awareness of the value of certification of environmental claims and has set unparalleled industry benchmarks.
It was just the 23rd company to have product licensed to carry the Good Environmental Choice Ecolabel, the first commercial furnishing fabric company to offer eco fabrics with the GECA Ecolabel to the Australian market and remains the only company to offer a comprehensive range of over 400 eco fabrics with environmental certification in its Green Living Collection. The company's early journey to sustainability was challenging and can be found 

Fabric Ratings
All eco fabrics are rated heavy duty and/or commercial screen and specifications can be found


The Green Living® Collection has exceptional durability, with every eco fabric carrying a warranty of up to twelve years. For details click

The company has embraced transparent, credible product stewardship through the entire life cycle and offers a take back program for its eco fabrics. Details of this program can be found

Green Building Council
Sustainable Living Fabrics has been a member and active supporter of the Green Building Council since 2005. View our Accredited Green Star Professionals
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