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Sustainable Living Fabrics is a carbon neutral company.

On 17 May 2007, the company became the first manufacturer to have every product and service certified 100% carbon neutral under the Australian Government’s Greenhouse Friendly Initiative.  It was just the tenth company to receive Greenhouse Friendly certification. 

On 3 September 2010 Sustainable Living Fabrics was the first company to have the company and all products certified carbon neutral under the Australian Carbon Trust's Carbon Neutral Program, underpinned by the Australian Government National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS). This program is the successor to the Greenhouse Friendly Program.

Where any Greenhouse Friendly logo appears on our sampling or other material read NCOS certified.  Over time this logo will be replaced with the NCOS logo but as Sustainable Living Fabrics has transitioned to NCOS, the Greenhouse Friendly logo is still a valid confirmation of our certified carbon neutral status.

Since 2005, Sustainable Living Fabrics has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 50%.  In 2006 it offset the balance through Greenfleet, planting 30,000 trees. This was 7,500 trees more than was required for offset, making Sustainable Living Fabrics the first carbon neutral textile manufacturer and wholesaler in Australia.  The trees planted by Greenfleet are for the Murray Darling Rescue Halt the Salt Program, thereby not only offsetting emissions but contributing to the health of the ailing Murray Darling River Basin.

Carbon offset through Greenfleet is by self-assessment and does not meet the requirements of Sustainable Living Fabrics’ Sustainability Program which is based on independent certification of environmental claims.  Therefore, the company moved to achieve Greenhouse Friendly Certification.

Australian Carbon Trust - Carbon Neutral Program

The Greenhouse Friendly program has been succeeded by the Australian Carbon Trust's NCOS Carbon Neutral Program. This program is underpinned by the National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS) developed by the Australian Government. In September 2010, Sustainable Living Fabrics had the company and all products certified under the NCOS Carbon Neutral Program which involved a complete life cycle analysis (LCA) from extraction of raw materials to recycling or end of life of the fabrics.  This is then verified by a government approved verifier and audited on behalf of the Australian Government before final accreditation is given. 

The program requires ongoing monitoring and auditing of emissions which can only be offset through the Australian Government's Greenhouse Gas Abatement Program.

The Australian Carbon Trust's NCOS Carbon Neutral Program certification covers all fabrics and services supplied by Sustainable Living Fabrics and requires the offset of:

1.    The production of every fabric right down the supply chain from raw materials to delivery to customer including but not limited to:
     o    Extraction of raw materials (including the methane and nitrous oxide from the sheep)
     o    Conversion of raw materials to fibre and yarn
     o    Conversion of yarn to finished fabric
     o    All related transport along the supply chain
2.    All warehousing and administrative and support activities
3.    All company cars
4.    The Sales Team’s cars
5.    Employees' cars when used on company business
6.    All company air and taxi travel

The company reimburses the fares of employees who elect to leave their car at home and travel to work by public transport.  An ongoing financial bonus is also given to sales staff if they elect to replace their car with a hybrid car.  The directors are already driving a Toyota Prius reducing their fuel bills and associated carbon emissions by over 30%. 



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