GECA Ecolabel
Recyclable Recyclable Environmental 12 Year Warranty
The GECA Ecolabel Standard for Textiles

Over 400 fabrics in the Green Living® Collection carry the GECA Ecolabel. . View our current licence here.

The GECA licence ensures that you can use our fabrics with confidence that they are genuinely environmentally preferable from farm to fabric and by preferring them you will be making a difference every time.

The GECA Ecolabel Standard for Textiles reflects the European Union Ecolabel Standard for Textiles with the exception of mothproofing which is essential for wool fabrics used in Australia. These are Type 1 Ecolabels, internationally recognised as the most credible environmental rating.

We chose the Ecolabel because of its transparency and its independence. It is also a standard that encourages eco innovation. The cost is not prohibitive - the initial assessment per product cost us less than the annual fee for an enhanced content listing on Ecospecifier and thereafter we pay no more than 0.2% of turnover in our licensed fabrics. The resulting licence is a far more valuable and reliable tool for a specifier than an environmentally unaudited green product listing. This raises the question as to why companies, who claim their product is green, do not have their product licensed and why many of these companies are supporting moves to establish industry standards. Of course, industry standards are generally set to ensure protection of industry interests, but do they encourage eco innovation or really work to the benefit of the environment? Only time will tell but by then it may be too late!

Our fabrics are innovative. When you specify them for a Green Star project, our Accredited Green Star Professional will be happy to advise you on how to approach maximising your opportunities for Green Star credits. Contact her at 

If you are not working on a Green Star project you are still making a difference every time you use our fabrics. It is a simple way to work for the environment.



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